Principal Performance Advising

Denise is known for empowering corporate executives to maximize talent to achieve greater revenue and results, as much as 20% in a little as 90 days.

A performance advisor and speaker, Denise harnesses 30 years of professional experience with 17 years in finance and 14 years in niche public relations, along with a trainer certification to fully support her clients' goals. 

Individualized Services

The main focus is to connect clients to their personal power, allowing them to attract their ideal clients, create a winning mindset, and achieve their desired outcomes by developing the skills and strategy of high achievers including clarity, focus, action, strategy, vision, and more.

Clear Thinking. Clear Communications. Clear Results.

90 Minute Master Your Marketing Message

Create greater results and revenue by attracting interest from the ideal clients and investors. Participants can learn:

* the 6 key components to create their marketing message

* uncommon, proven ways to attract the ideal clients

* how to become the most interesting person in the room

The result is a message crafted to align what you do with you, and creates a natural, authentic way to introduce yourself and your brilliance to others.

"This is a game changer for both of us."  -Carol & Thomas Schoeller

90 Day Success Accelerator Program 

What happens after you have the elements of your marketing message?  This 90 day program is a one-to-one coaching that focuses on aligning what you do with you, hone your marketing message, and create a high-achiever mindset with weekly calls and tailored features to help you reach your greatest outcome.

9 Month Peak Performance Program

After Success Accelerator, systematize and automate your new focus and mindset into profitable habits with weekly coaching calls and tailored bonuses to continue the journey from where you are to where you want to be. 

Clients Rave:

"Once I started to believe, I saw the opportunities that were right in front of me." 

"She was amazing. Full of positive energy."   ~ Kathy R.  

"Denise has an amazing way of cutting through the fluff and finding the heart of what matters to your clients and business audience." ~ Pauline B. 

Clients report up to 20% increase in revenue in 90-days.


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