Development & Workshops

Denise is known for empowering corporate executives to maximize talent with experiential learning experiences to achieve greater revenue and results, as much as 20% in a little as 90 days.

A performance advisor and speaker, Denise harnesses 30 years of professional experience with 17 years in finance and 14 years in niche public relations, along with a trainer certification to fully support her clients' goals. 

Team development programs improve process, profitability — and most importantly — people.  

Master Your Marketing Message

During this powerful workshop, participants can learn:

 * the 6 key components to create their marketing message

* uncommon, proven ways to attract the ideal clients

* how to become the most interesting person in the room

The result is a message crafted to align what you do with you, and creates a natural, authentic way to introduce yourself and your brilliance to others.. 

It is an alignment tool that helps highlight purpose and passion for each participant. 

"This is a game changer for both of us."  -Carol & Thomas Schoeller

"Denise has an amazing way of cutting through the fluff and finding the heart of what matters to your clients and business audience." ~ Pauline B.  


Half Day Workshop

A four hour, tailored, group workshop focuses on Mastering Your Marketing Message with a combination of high achievers attributes such as clarity, focus, action, goal setting, responsibility, beliefs, persistence, gratitude, and more. 

Full Day Workshop

The full day group workshop turbo-charges the half-day program with powerful powerful action strategies, visualizations, and more.  

"She was amazing. Full of positive energy."   - Kathy R.  


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